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Who We Are

As highly successful students ourselves, we have the latest insight on entrance exams into the most competitive and highly-sought after institutions in the world. With applicant numbers increasing fast and the chances of admission getting steadily slimmer, getting your child in is always the hardest it’s ever been. With our combined expertise and highly tailored approach, it’s possible to stay ahead of the game. Our lessons are planned meticulously with the view to produce a child who can tackle exams confidently and more importantly, have a head-start on academic life thereafter.

With a considerable array of successes between us, our understanding of exam technique and working ‘smart’  has been fine-tuned over many years. These skills we will impart to your child are not just for the next exam – but for every exam they’ll ever have to take (and trust us, there are a lot – we’re only 18, and we’ve already taken 92 public exams between us!). We specialise in 11+, 16+, UK and US university entrance exams alongside GCSE and A-level exams – to see our success stories and find out a little bit about our two-man team, please have a quick look at our individual profiles.

We’d love to hear from you! To organise a free Skype consultation with either Baptiste or Anisha, please pop an email to and leave us a brief description of what you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you within 12hrs.